Let’s talk about diversity in the workplace and how your team can be more inclusive. Diversity is when you choose to include those who are normally left out or discriminated against. Steps are specifically taken in the workplace to make sure that everyone feels appreciated and that their voice is heard.

As a diverse workplace is being put in place, there are issues that your team may face. To help you identify potential issues and how to overcome them, it’s important that all input valued. Because input may vary from person to person, having a “safe” environment where team members won’t be judged for their input is necessary.

What is diversity in the workplace?

In the video below by Mellody Hobson that’s entitled “Color blind or color brave?”, she issues a challenge to the viewer. Will you accept it?

After watching the video, now we have a clear definition of what it means to be color brave. When a workplace chooses to accept her challenge to be color brave, then diversity will have an open environment to excel. In an example from the video, Mellody shares what it looks like to be color brave…

Now, my favorite example of color bravery is a guy named John Skipper. He runs ESPN. He’s a North Carolina native, quintessential Southern gentleman, white. He joined ESPN, which already had a culture of inclusion and diversity, but he took it up a notch. He demanded that every open position have a diverse slate of candidates. Now he says the senior people in the beginning bristled, and they would come to him and say, “Do you want me to hire the minority, or do you want me to hire the best person for the job?” And Skipper says his answers were always the same: “Yes.” And by saying yes to diversity, I honestly believe that ESPN is the most valuable cable franchise in the world. I think that’s a part of the secret sauce.

How are you incorporating diversity in the workplace? Please feel free to share your ideas by leaving a comment.

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