An onsite filing system can help employees easily access data for better workplace productivity. It can also help in case your business finds itself in the middle of a data disaster, where the files are to be restored at the earliest for smooth business continuity. Here are some tips on how you should be going about your office organization.

office organizationSetting up

Set up a filing system for all business data on the site. Make sure your data storage unit is safe from fire and water damage, and other liabilities. You also want to decide if you want to go entirely paperless with your data filing system or want to have a hybrid system that uses both physical and electronic file storage systems. If you do use e-filing systems, make sure it is secure and protected from breaches. Also, have a backup plan to retrieve data saved on e-filing systems in case of a disaster.

office organizationOrganizing

Use easy-to-understand notations and processes to file your data. You want to use the same notation for electronic and physical filing systems, so employees do not get confused. Use colors and labels to sort different file categories, so it is easier to access any file that you may need. If you plan on making changes to your existing office organization filing notations, then make sure employees are trained to use it. You also want to decide who has access to what data, so your data stays protected. You also want to set down rules on business-critical data that takes priority in restoration during data disasters.


An efficient onsite filing system also needs to be decluttered from time to time, the more often the better, so you filing system is up to date. You want to allow some time each year, once in every few months solely for decluttering. If you already have files categorized under archive and in-use sections, then it should be easy to figure out which files are no longer in use, and can be removed from the system. You can even mark files as to when they can be removed, so it becomes easier to de-clutter your filing system.

Here at Creative Business Interiors we have a complete understanding of how an office should work for you, and creating an organized working environment is the key to getting started. In the comments below, let us know what are some of the ways you keep your working environment organized.

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