The healthcare industry is slowly changing to become more patient-friendly. Doctors are now expected to be more collaborative with their patients, while healthcare professionals continue to express the desire to establish themselves as expert guides. As technology continues to equip healthcare professionals with better ways to examine and treat their patients, the infrastructure needs to evolve to accommodate the changing dynamics. Given below are some of the most visible trends in the healthcare industry that are changing how healthcare professionals interact with their patients.

healthcare professionals Bringing mutual participation to the exam room

The traditional exam room was designed around the convenience of the physician. With traditional infrastructure, a healthcare professional can perform physical exams, interface with the computer and treat the patient without the inclusion of the family members, despite their best intentions. Modern exam rooms need to be designed to foster mutual participation between the healthcare professional, the patient and the family members of the patient. Using swivel-seated chairs and a movable arm that can support mobile technology or other tools helps doctors to improve their engagement with the patient. Improved designs can help foster more efficient information sharing and help build a more collaborative healthcare environment.

healthcare professionals Designing better-waiting rooms

Another important aspect of the healthcare infrastructure is the waiting room. Traditional waiting rooms are designed to be able to hold as many patients and family members as possible, but such a design can lead to increased stress and physical discomfort. As patient experience is an important part of any healthcare institution, the waiting rooms should be designed to offer comfort and minimize stress amongst the patients. The modern waiting room can become an active component of healthcare by providing patients with privacy and information so that they are better equipped to engage with the healthcare professional when it is time.

A number of progressive healthcare institutions are already incorporating more modern elements within their infrastructure. Such organizations are able to leverage their patient engagement and higher patient satisfaction scores as a competitive advantage, and also enjoy an increase in revenue at the same time.

So what do you think the ‘clinic of the future’ will be like? Will it put the care back in healthcare? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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