With office technology advancing big leaps every single day, it’s likely office technology will gain the outdated status and no longer meet the needs of your growing business. Office technology needs change, as well as the business growth and budgets.


As office technology decreases the use case of the business needs it’s at the same time gradually losing it’s effectiveness of cyber security, productivity, and increasing in cost for repairs or energy. When we see the tech gaining momentum on these, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

You’re losing valuable time and money on repairs or even productivity if your tech is not keeping up with the rapid growth of your business. Start by asking yourself questions that will easily determine whether or not your office needs a technology upgrade. Is my team working heavily on tasks that they shouldn’t be? Are you taking on more help to manage your aging tech? Do you need more power to introduce more completed projects?


Before you look into any upgrades of your current technology, you need to take priority. Take a survey of all your employees by asking what technology that is growing unreliable that they are reliant on. All these answers are your first focus of upgrades, and everything else follows.

This is also the time to not just start upgrading, but to start cleaning the old technology. This means any office technology that is no longer used, recycle it. This doesn’t just apply to physical tech either, this goes for all of your digital spaces just as much. Clean all those files up and have a more organized digital structure and working environment.


You’ll need to put together your team of technology upgraders, whether that’s people already working inside your office or an outside IT service. If you are delegating within, remember to choose someone who will be efficient and weigh all of the costs and factors that will affect your entire business, not just the part they see on a daily basis.

If hiring outside help, always read reviews of previous customers and factor in their added costs to your budget so you don’t downgrade your business while upgrading.


New technology is constantly evolving, so the newest most innovative office technology is expensive and maybe not tested thoroughly. Avoid deciding on tech that has not seen the price drop from it’s initial release. It’s probable that you will not need all the newest tech and features, and you should wait for the price drop.

For software upgrading, don’t go overboard on enterprise solutions. Free software can most of the time be the best solution, as well as offer premium upgrades that are much more relevant and affordable to your business. Read use cases from other businesses and learn how they use each software to run and grow their business.

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