Unlike your team, your office cannot take sick days. That’s why you need to take care of your office with regular health checks, office maintenance and work early to prevent those potentially damaging repairs.

Know The Costs

Weighing the cost of regular office maintenance against that of unexpected repairs of appliances, elements, and other environmental features of your office will help you create priority over what needs to be done and why you need it.

With average appliances repairs and replacement costs being on average anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 in comparison to the average cost of an appliance repair of $100 – $500. It is easy to see where regular office maintenance will be a big win for you. Without the cleaning of air ducts, filters, fans, and other air quality equipment we can see repairs up to $3,000 depending on how large of a system it is, and while the preventative efforts you can take is often as little as $300 compared to that hefty $3,000.

When taken a closer look here, it is clear to see where regularly and planned office maintenance is important to not only the health of your team but also the health of your business in terms of budget, cost, time resources, and much stress.

Know Who You’ll Need

Even with some shared office spaces with large leasing units with on-site maintenance services you need to know where and who you’ll need to save cost or time. It’s likely with larger office spaces or lower leases that you will need to factor your own maintenance crew.

Instead of scrambling to find a reliable person to fix that repair, find the go-to source ahead of time. This saves everyone hassles as well as time all around. This trusted source for your specific needs can also be scheduled to perform planned maintenance in addition to any emergencies that may arise.

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Have A Schedule and A Plan

Now you have your go-to sources in place and are working to place a good budget plan as well as a maintenance plan. Work with your go-to source to set up that office maintenance and establish a routine that is set and confirmed before you are ever close to actually needing it. This will be better on time management for you, your team will be informed, and repairs will be prevented.

However, it’s vital you don’t have a plan based for everything running smoothly and solely on maintenance. You should be planned and ready for emergencies and things to go wrong. When looking for your trusted sources, keep in mind to note when and how they are available in the case of any emergencies and how reliable they will be.

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