The Aisle-Saver Synergy SeriesElectrical System offers the ultimate in operational efficiency,ease of use, as well as providing your facility with the industry standard in security and safety.  Solid-state electronics, easy to read LCD Master Controller, featuring plug and play convenience, offers simple installation and programming.

• Simple control interface allows you to take immediate control and customize the system to meet your facility’s specific needs for operational efficiency and security.

• Maintenance and system upgrades are simple and easy with little downtime and minimal cost.

• No limit switches or plunger to fail.

• The entire system draws only 12 volts and motors operate on just one-seventh of one horsepower.

• Soft Start technology prolongs motor life while protecting sensitive storage materials from abrupt starts and jarring motion.

• Sequential carriage movement reduces power consumption and energy costs.

Light Carpet® Technology

Aisle-Saver’s patented light carpet has provided users with reliable safety protection and security for over 15 years.

• Sensor beams are located on three inch centers, running the entire length of the carriage.

• Active/passive type of safety and security system.

• Simultaneously tracks multiple obstructions anywhere within the system to stop or prevent any movement of the carriage until everyone, and everything has left the system.