Healthcare facilities have a responsibility to care for people who are not at their best times with loved ones ill, or ill themselves. Healthcare facilities need to thoughtfully integrate a well thought out interior design, and we have some tips for doing just that. Here are 3 Design Tips for Healthcare facilities.

1. Choose Lively Yet Minimal

Healthcare facilities have a reputation for being plain, and not so welcoming. With all that white space, it’s a bit too minimal for most people. While white space may mean fresh, clean, and simple it is also is a bland color that is unwelcoming and pleasant for patients and families.

Green is a color that is also considered fresh, simple, but also adds the attributes of lively, happy, and active. There is an easy and affordable way of implementing the color green to your minimal white space, and that’s with the addition of plants.

Adding plants wisely placed around our office in waiting areas, and reception spaces it will help make our guests feel welcome, lively, and relaxed.

2. Compliment Your White Walls

With your plants set up nicely and conveying freshness and vigor, you will also need something to offset the whiteness of the walls. White may be a clean and fresh look, but it needs to be offset and complemented with something else.

This can be done with wall art, murals, or combined texture panels you can plaster on the walls. Remember to choose wall art that is calming and soothing, and not too lively where it is the only sole focus of the room. Murals should be minimal, yet bright and invigorating. Murals can also be implemented into an exam room or hallway, which brings the uplifting spirits to another level beyond just waiting rooms and reception spaces.

Choose combined texture panels that are minimal and clean looking, wood is often a popular choice with healthcare facilities and sometimes a choice of a sleek metal or glass where appropriate.

3. Cater to Comfort

You always want to cater to comfort among all other things when designing your facility. It’s a good practice to focus on being minimal and simple while designing a facility. However, this practice should not apply to furniture.

Always be focusing on comfort.

Choose sofas that are both comfortable and easy to keep clean. Use chairs that have the same traits and are welcoming with comfort. Place some coffee tables that are cozy and comforting, and maybe even put a small plant on it, and mix two of our tips together.

Tip: Arrange furniture in small groups with viable space so families can sit together, and sections are not wide open to large amounts of people. This creates a cozier and more welcoming environment, not wide open sitting spaces.

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