Creating a unique office space design that matches your personality can improve your happiness and productivity levels. When you spend forty hours a week in the same space, you can make your time there more enjoyable by creating a unique and homey environment

Making a space of your own doesn’t have to be hard. Below are some simple office design ideas that can add a little character to the place where you spend forty hours a week.


Lighting is a quick and easy way to change the mood of any office. To create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your office space, consider adding a lamp with a soft light bulb. You can also string fairy lights around your desk to create a magical work wonderland. If you’re looking for a more funky design, lava lamps and electric static lights are always a fun and different option.


Vision boards are an excellent way to keep you short term and long term goals in mind in a fun and creative way. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do to improve your performance and achieve your goals.

You can easily incorporate your very own vision board into your work space. All you need is a corkboard and some sturdy push pins. Add some of your favorite inspirational quotes, pictures of your family and friends, a calendar, and other trinkets that remind you of your goals and why you want to achieve them.


The less clutter on and around your desk, the less stressed out you will be. A good way to reduce the clutter in your office space is to organize. Tools that can help you organize your office clutter include wall hangers and hooks that get your things off your desk and leave you with a more open and clear space.

You can also try adding decorative cups and trays for holding things like pens, your phone, and other small items like paperclips. When you take the time to clean up your clutter, you’ll find that a minimalist office space design benefits your mental health and productivity.


Adding color to your office space can brighten up your day, and is a great way to incorporate your unique personality into the design. It’s easy to bring color to your desk with different designed contact paper or wallpaper. You can add these papers onto things like your filing cabinet, walls, and even your computer to spruce up your office space design.

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