Legal workspaces are usually pretty straightforward and don’t always incorporate a lot of creativity. Traditionally, legal workspaces have included private offices for attorneys and partners. It hasn’t been until recently that legal offices are starting to rethink their workspaces. Instead of sprawling offices filled with corner rooms and walled-off spaces, law firms are starting to follow trends of open office space design and cafe style meeting spaces.

While these newly discovered trends are still the exception in legal workspaces, it’s only a matter of time before they become the rule. A simple way to bring your legal workspace into the twenty-first century and boost your appeal to younger millennial workers is to think about what kind of office furniture you’re using. Read more below for tips on the best office furniture to modernize your legal workspace.

Think Ergonomic Office Furniture

Legal offices are notorious for being the last place to incorporate new trends, innovate or stray from the traditional. Luckily, it’s possible to incorporate the latest revolutions in office furniture while still keeping your favorite traditional feel. While ergonomic office furniture can come in bright colors and funky shapes, you would be surprised at the traditional and serious options out there as well.

Try a classic leather desk chair that quietly supports your back, has rests for your feet, and encourages a good posture. You can still look serious and professional while you sit on the newest ergonomic comfort technology available. After all, it’s much easier to wade through all those cases if you don’t have to worry about an aching back or stiff neck all day.

Keep it Simple and Clean

Solid colors and strong lines will keep your legal workspace looking clean and professional. You don’t want to overwhelm your employees or shock your clients with funky patterns or crazy colors. When it comes to law offices, it’s best to keep your office furniture simple. Try something like a freestanding office workstation made out of classic stained wood to let clients know that you’re serious about what you do.

Create a Collaborative Legal Workspace

The modern workspace is all about collaborating and building a community in the office. If you’re looking to create a modern day legal workspace, it’s time to ditch closed-door offices and cubicles. Try incorporating office furniture like open air desks, inviting conferences tables, and even a law cafe space for ultimate collaboration. With communal spaces for taking a break, lounging, and brainstorming, your employees are bound to come up with some great ideas and form stronger relationships at the same time.

For more information on how you can use office furniture to revamp your legal workspace, check out our Legal Industry page here.

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