An inspiring office space could be all that it takes to make or break the satisfaction of a company’s employees. A recent survey conducted by Steelcase and Ipsos found that over ninety percent of employees worldwide are less than satisfied with their office space. The study found that this was due to a variety of reasons, the most prominent one being a lack of privacy.

With so many employees in offices across the globe feeling down about the design of their workspace, their productivity levels and happiness are bound to suffer. As an employer, one way that you can help boost the morale of your employees is by creating an inspiring office space. There are many ways that you can turn your office from boring to creative. Choosing the right furniture to fit into your office, create a visually appealing style and bring comfort to your employees is a great way to give your employees the inspiration that they need.

Ergonomic Office Furniture for Ultimate Comfort

When you spend almost as much time at the office as you do in your own home, you want to make sure that your workspace is comfortable. A great way to ensure comfort for your employees is by investing in ergonomic office furniture. Not only can ergonomic office furniture give your employees’ bodies the support they need, but it can also contribute to an inspiring office space. Employees that aren’t hunched over with pain are more likely to be happy at work, leading to a boost in productivity and creativity.

Create an Inspiring Office Space with Design

There are so many different styles of office furniture you can use to design your inspiring office space. If you’re wondering how to choose a design, you can start with thinking about your company’s mission. Often the tone and idea of a company’s mission can be easily translated into office furniture design. If your company is fun and lighthearted, think of bright colors and unconventional shapes to create your own unique inspiring office space.

Allow for Individual and Collaborative Work

The days of offices packed with cubicles are long gone. Today’s companies are experimenting with open space office designs, which are great because they allow for collaboration and creativity. The only problem is that not everybody works their best or gets the most inspiration from an open plan office. Many open plan offices don’t allow for much privacy or individual workspace. With the right office furniture, you can turn your workplace into an inspiring office space that accommodates both individual and collaborative work. Try combining shared spaces like long conference tables with more secluded pods that can be created with desk pieces and corner sofas.

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