Millennials now make up the bulk workforce with everyone in three US workers being between the ages of 18 and 34. Because of this demographic shift, offices are seeing a major change in design. No longer are the days of stuffy cubicles and closed door offices. Office trends now have to keep up to meet the needs of millennials. Millennial workers are interested in working for a company that gives them a sense of purpose and contributes to a greater good. This is reflected in office space design by using sustainable products that are good for the environment, and creating community via space. Spaces built for collaboration and offer a sense of life outside the office are seeing a spike in trends in office design for 2017. Including flexible spaces like comfortable seating that encourages conversations, large break rooms, and relaxation spaces will appeal your company’s millennial workforce.

Office Space Design for Wellness

The past couple of years have been all about wellness, especially when it comes to the workplace. Employees no longer consider over 40 hour work week and stressful days the norm and are demanding a more health-centric work environment and companies that care about their wellbeing. Office space designs that incorporate wellness include designs that utilize the outdoors and nature. Incorporating a lot of natural light from windows, large open air spaces, soft paints, plants, and natural material like wood all work towards a healthier office. Employees psychological and physical well-being is damaged from sitting indoors for the majority of their workday. Finding a way to bring the outdoors in can lead to happier and healthier employees.

Open Offices & Private Spaces

While open floor office plans are nothing new, there is a new trend emerging in the way open offices incorporate private spaces. Employees today simultaneously have the need to collaborate and focus in a quiet space. Trends in office design in 2017 are working towards finding a middle ground between the cut off atmosphere of the cubicle and the loud and not private open office. A great way to incorporate this idea into your office space design is to reserve spaces dedicated for collaboration and spaces dedicated to privacy. Adding “privacy corners” into your office can give employees a chance to get some time alone and really focus on tasks that require quiet.

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