Four-Post Shelving

Businesses need to store their file collections economically, which means space-efficient, time-efficient storage is a must.  Borroughs Record Master has been specially designed with this in mind. Borroughs Record Master open shelf filing allows folders to be clearly visible and within close reach, providing efficient retrieval.  Its easy-to-assemble units are aesthetically designed, and maximize file storage per square foot.

Case-Style Shelving

Case-Style shelving, with full-height double wall construction, creates a bookcase-like appearance.  A finished product with no exposed holes, slots or unfinished edges gives the unit smooth, clean lines.
Case-Style shelving blends into any office environment with its wide range of available colors.  The patented sliding divider adjusts easily to any shelf position while holding files securely in place.  Shelves are free of any slots that are normally needed for dividers.

Cantilever Shelving

Cantilever shelving costs less per filing inch than filing cabinets and creates three times more filing space per square foot.  Files remain clearly visible and close at hand, greatly reducing retrieval time.  Record Master Cantilever shelving maximizes filing space and improves filing efficiency.

• Maximizes Filing Space by using space that other filing equipment can’t use.
• Modular Construction:  Individual units, no starters or adders.
• Maximum Visibility:  No time consuming drawers to open and close.
• Easy Access to Files:  Flexibility optimizes filing of various sized documents.
• Furniture Quality Finish:  Looks great in any office

Easy-Trak™ Mobile Systems

Easy-Trak is the economical alternative for mobile shelving systems.   Borroughs Easy-Trak systems save floor space and increases storage capacity.  Easy-Trak can either be Lateral or Compacting systems.

The Lateral systems are available in two row (+) or three row (++) deep configurations and can be utilized with Borroughs Record Master, Rivet Span or Clip-Type shelving. It is simply the best value in high-density filing and storage.
The Compacting systems convert aisles into valuable filing space by compacting rows of Borroughs’ storage products into a single aisle configuration. With Easy-Trak’s mechanical-assist carriages, heavy loads move easily. The handle has a built-in carriage parking lock mechanism for safety.

Heavy-Duty Shelving

Borroughs Record Master Heavy-Duty Shelving is strong and durable, yet attractive for any office environment.  Full-width shelf supports provide exceptional strength and double steel shoulder rivets attach securely into uprights for rigidity.  For those situations when floor space is limited, Heavy-Duty Shelving is field-proven to be ideal for mobile or compact applications. Plus, it is easy to install.  No need for nuts, bolts, clips or complicated sway braces.  Simple assembly and great looks year after year.