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We are focused on helping schools, colleges and universities create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring active learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators.



We offer furniture solutions that facilitate moments that enhance the wellbeing, empathy and connection of clinicians, patients and families.

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Engagement and the global workplace


1/3 of workers in 17 of the world’s most important economies are disengaged, according to new research from Steelcase. Working with global research firm Ipsos, the Steelcase Global Report is the first to explore the relationship between engagement and the workplace.



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Featured Products



Introducing the Brody WorkLounge. Designed to be good for your body and good for your brain.



Gesture by Steelcase is the first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies.


The Node school chair is mobile and flexible. It’s designed for quick, easy transitions from one teaching mode to the next, unlike traditional school desks and chairs.

Leap Chair


Leap by Steelcase is a desk chair that provides a high performance, ergonomic solution for any office.



The cobi office chair by Steelcase was designed to foster collaboration and promote movement, creating a perfect solution for meetings and conference rooms.


Verb is an integrated collection of classroom furniture including tables, whiteboards, and instructor lectern and desk stations designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles.



Migration height-adjustable desk allows employees to transition from seated to standing height postures throughout the day, stimulating mental and physical activity and promoting wellbeing in individual and group workspaces.


RoomWizard is a web-based meeting room scheduling system that solves the dilemma of booking rooms and connecting workers to meeting spaces.

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How to Create a Collaborative Workspace That Works

If a company has a steadily fast-growing team, it can run into problems in collaborating work. It leads to broken missions and values. We need to focus on how we can create a collaborative workspace that leads to not just incremental growth but innovative growth.

Office space

How To Decide on The Perfect Office Space

Office space is one of those elements of running a business that is both necessary and a challenge. Having knowledge of the options and points of consideration you need to follow while also knowing what is relevant to your business for the growth and development.


A Look At Technology in the Classroom

It’s time to prepare and move the classroom environment into the age of technology. Better learning setups and efficiency all coming with it. Let’s look at environment setups and technology in the classroom.

Disabled Employees

How to Build a Better Accessibility for Disabled Employees

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Creating a Private and Collaborative Legal Environment

The cases of office use in legal firms require a change in the ever-increasing need for privacy and efficiency. Here we look into the setup of creating a legal environment that is both private and collaborative, for clients, partners, employees, and beyond.

Office Furniture

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Office Furniture Selection

There are so many options available for office and business furniture. So many, in fact, a Google search for “Buy Office Furniture” returns with almost seven million results.


Ergonomic Furniture: How You Can Make Full Use Of It

The biggest benefits to ergonomic furniture is it brings comfort and stability to your office furniture, which is an alternative to standard furniture.

diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace and how to be more inclusive

Let’s talk about diversity in the workplace and how your team can be more inclusive. These steps will help to get you started.

Industry Insight: These Education Trends are Changing the Classroom

The innovations in the education sector have been largely influenced by the changing needs of the job market and the need for students to be better prepared.


Industry Insight: Trends that are Changing How Healthcare Professionals Treat Their Patients

Some of the most visible trends in the healthcare industry that are changing how healthcare professionals interact with their patients


Create the Perfect Startup Office For Your Small Business

Like many first-time entrepreneurs, your office will be the headquarters of your small business in the initial stages. That means you will have to make sure that it is efficient, and that it is able to meet the demands of your business.

office solution

Office Solution: 3 Reasons to Create a Collaborative, Focused Office

Collaboration as an office solution is becoming more important because of the ever increasing supply chain for products and services in the current market.